Below are some of the frequently asked questions about tube systems and their answers below. If you don’t see your question answered please submit the question on our contact us page  and we will get back to you shortly.

Q: How do I know if an Eagle pneumatic tube system is right for my company?

A: If you are moving paperwork, money or products from one location to another it is right for you.

Q: How much weight can I move in a carrier?

A: This would depend on the system. Typically a 3”system can transport 1 pound, a 4” system up to 3 pounds and the 6” system can transport up to 5 pounds.

Q: What distance can you transport the carrier?

A: Up to distances of 2000 feet in our 4” systems and 1000 feet in the 3” and 6” systems.

Q: How fast does the carrier travel?

A: A carrier travels at speed of 25 feet per second.

Q: What if I need a system for outdoor use or underground installation of tubing?

A: No problem as Eagle has specially designed systems for all applications including outside, corrosive and lab settings to name a few. Since we manufacture all of our components, we can produce the intricate systems that our customers demand.

Q: How will a tube system save my company time and money?

A: A pneumatic tube system allows your company improved operations by eliminating wasted time of moving paper, lab samples and products from one location to another. It also provides security in the movement of money from one location to a secured location.

Q: How do I determine which replacement Printed Circuit Board is correct for my system?

A: Each system has a unique PCB. The following link will provide information in determining which PCB is needed. EPI Printed Circuit Boards

Q: Can I change out my existing tube system for an Eagle system using the same pipe and bends?

A: Yes, there should be no problem. Most tube systems are compatible or can be retrofitted with Eagle’s system.