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Installation of a pneumatic tube system saves your company money and time. Eliminating the need for people to transport what can easily fit into a carrier saves labor costs. Time is utilized more efficiently as contents are transported at speeds of 20-25 feet per second. An Eagle tube system provides safe, efficient and reliable delivery of vital information.

Who We Are


Established in 1979, Eagle Pneumatic, Inc. manufactures pneumatic tube systems designed for industrial, retail and commercial applications. Eagle Pneumatic is a full range manufacturing plant that specializes in the application, engineering, custom design and manufacturing of pneumatic tube systems. Eagle has a nationwide sales network and skilled installation teams.

Product Line

Our full product line of pneumatic tube products includes pressure/pressure; pressure/vacuum and our microprocessor controlled semi-automatic tube systems.

Who Hires Us

Warehouses, distribution centers, banks, manufacturing plants and hospitals, use our systems for transporting documentation, quality control samples, specimens and pharmaceutical products. Supermarkets, retail stores and banks transport money through our air tubes on a daily basis.

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